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Daloy Yoga

Empowering you to embrace your ebb and flow.

Whether you are a yogi yourself, a new comer on the mat, an athlete, or someone who is yearning for better mind and body connection, you are welcome here.

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About Daloy Yoga

Daloy Yoga was born out of the love for intentional movement and physical activity, and its never-ending relationship with rest and recovery. The name was inspired by the sea (dā•loy is a Filipino-Tagalog word, meaning "to flow”), a profound body of water that can be both calm and dynamic.

Yoga, just like life, brings many learnings, challenges, and even surprises, and the best way to experience it all is to flow through it.

This space is for you and every BODY looking to bring yoga in their life. 

  • Available Online
    A 60-minute session tailored to your needs and schedule.

    9 US dollars
  • Available Online
    A private session for you, your family or your friends.

    50 US dollars

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See What Others Think

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Kristel, 30

Never thought I'd enjoy yoga till I joined Chelsea's class. I used to think yoga was boring (i.e. simple stretching, won't get you sweating), but I ended up happily tired and rejuvinated especially after a hard day's work. 

Her class was perfect for first-timers like me - challenging yet easy to follow, and ultimately enjoyable! 

(Group Class Student)

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